The saga continues…

And so, the saga continues…. Things are never quite straight forward in China. Yesterday, an addition was made to the number of classes I would teach, as we were told that EDP 9 would, now go ahead. I would keep all the other classes so this would increase my work load to 17 classes (18 is the maximum I’m contracted for). This morning, I received another email from my manager which says that now the school has decided that EDP 9 will not be taught this year, so my work load has been reduced, once again, to 15 classes.

It means I am grade leader for two, rather than three, different grades (Senior 1 and EDP 10), though all the lessons were broadly going to be the same. I await the next announcement that we will have to do something else to make up for the lack of EDP 9, but until that happens, I am currently at 15 classes all year. This is the same as I did in the first semester last year (it dropped to 13 in Semester 2).

I am busy planning the first couple of lessons for Senior 1, so we can hit the ground running. I’ve had one response from my semester plan so far, which is nice that this teacher has bothered to read and volunteer which classes they wish to plan, but not so good insofar as I’ll have to chase the others. Or I’ll just assign them random lessons to prepare and be done with it.

This time next week I should have arrived back in the Middle Kingdom, in the 30 degree heat and to a room with no air con….. Still, it will be nice to get back into the swing of things, meet the students and hopefully settle back into the rhythm of school life.

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