First thoughts from the UK

I returned home on Thursday morning at about 07:15. First thoughts… well, it was good to be back, if a little odd, and a little disorientating as to the time. I’d slept fitfully on the flight from Beijing to Amsterdam and slept very well last night at home. But first thoughts were it was quite cold. Manchester was apparently about 10°c, compared with about 35°c in Beijing. I’d gone from wearing t-shirt and shorts to hoodie and trousers. Today, there is heavy rain, but this is not the kind you see in Beijing, where at least it is warm. This is the cold kind, where you run for cover. As Beijing is so dry, rain is often nice to experience. Here, not so much.

On Friday, me and my parents went out for lunch and I told the waitress 谢谢 (Xièxiè) instead of saying thank you. Old habits die hard it seems. As I want to work on my Chinese over the holidays I may well make more comments like that. My plan for the summer is to get a bit fitter – I have a gym induction today; work on my Chinese; and also I have to plan the semester for Senior 1 for next year. I’ve already begun with this, and got some feedback from my manager, but I’ll have to see if I can tweak my plan accordingly. I think I’ve been pretty early in organising it, so it should be okay (and I haven’t been given a time limit either on this).

2 thoughts on “First thoughts from the UK

  1. I’ll be so interested to see how my own first impressions go. Headed back to the States on Monday – I’ll have to put up a post like this and we’ll see! Enjoy the time back home 🙂 It’s absurdly smoggy today, not much to enjoy this warm Monday.


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