Review of the Year

The Chinese word for review is fùxí 复习. Students do this all the time. They get a lot of work to do. I am currently going through the slow process of packing up my things and I found my review sheets, which I gave to students at the end of Semester 1, for them to (anonymously) comment on the class. I welcome feedback, positive and negative. And, on the whole, they were positive. Which is nice. There are comments like ‘Our teacher is very handsome’ and ‘Our teacher is very funny’. But there are also ones I can take things from  and learn things from, such as those which says ‘Speak more slowly’. Which is useful.

Our classes are often fun for Chinese students because they are different. We don’t (or aren’t supposed to) stand in front of them and talk to them for 40 minutes, as the Chinese teachers do.

I’ve been planning the first semester for Senior 1 next year. This was something I was not overly comfortable with, because it was quite difficult to think of topics, and work through the textbook and look for different topics to try and adapt to speaking activities. But actually, I put together a document in the morning which I’m reasonably happy with. It isn’t perfect and might be rejected, but it is something that I was happy with, that I’d done in such a short period of time.

I will be working during the summer I hope. Working on my Chinese, working on lessons for next year, on elective ideas. Hopefully I’ll be able to put lots of things together and come back prepared.

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