The end is nigh…

This post was going to be about my final days of teaching this year. But after today, it doesn’t really seem worth it. Nothing really seems that important, except, of course, the referendum result today, which was not what I or any other rational people wanted or were expecting… It now means a lot of soul searching, take stock and reassessing things this summer, in light of the fact that we will be leaving Europe. For instance, the Chinese Government scholarship, open to EU citizens, I think excludes Norwegians and Swiss nationals – who are not part of the EU. So that is no longer an option, which makes things a bit easier (as I wasn’t sure whether to apply or not). Just means now I’ll have to redouble my Chinese language learning efforts and try to save as much as possible – which hasn’t been too bad this year.

I will be going back to the UK next week. To a different country. Not only because of the vote. Things have changed. I will probably get a bit of reverse culture shock.

Anyway, I’m still processing what the leave vote means for the UK and for us personally. It is weird, being in China, as it is the morning here when the results come in, so you don’t have to stay up like you do in the UK. Everyone here is pretty much in shock. One person – one other teacher – was a leave voter but he didn’t actually get around to voting as he didn’t have a proxy like me so he ended up getting his ballot paper too late. Not that that mattered!

Below is the original post I was going to post before all this.

I have been taking a photo of some of the classes. Mostly they turned out okay but I’m not the best photographer, as seen in my photo of one of my favourite classes, Senior 1 Class 5 – who are a really good class – which ended up being a little blurry. That’s kind of annoying since I do really like the class and enjoy teaching them. But all the classes are a good bunch really.

I had a few students ask for selfies with me. Another class left a message on the board I did not see until after they had all gone.

From Class 10
Left on the board at the end of class by Class 10.

Junior classes continue. My last Junior class will be – at the moment – Wednesday 29th June (I fly home early on 30th June). I will finish about lunchtime and need to leave for the airport that evening. So everything will be packed and ready to go before then.

I had a 1-2-1 on Monday – partly a meeting about how I think this year has gone, and partly about what I think about next year – things I want to improve on, what I’m looking forward to, if there is something I would change etc. It was interesting, not only because it means that I can set about packing and planning for next year, without thinking about it, but also because what we discussed about the future was interesting too. I admitted that, in meetings, I should be more assertive, and that my aim for next year, in class, is to make instructions clearer.

I usually have an example slide, if we are doing an activity, and do a practice round first. Still, it is something to work on to make them clearer, and more concise.

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