Rain and shine

That is pretty much what the weather is like in Beijing, right now. Rain and shine. For the coming week, the BBC say that tomorrow (Tuesday, 21st June) will be a warm 33 degrees celsius, with Wednesday rising to 35, before falling to 34 on Thursday and 33 on Friday. Currently, it is raining. There may be thunder later.

A couple of weeks ago, I’d popped out to the supermarket nearby, in my shorts and t-shirt. There were a few rumbles of thunder, but I thought nothing of it really. Then, coming out of the supermarket, I saw this.

A rather wet day in Beijing.

It was windy too, which meant the shower moved along quickly, but it was very heavy (I was indoors at this point), and there was even a little hail! The roads were somewhat flooded too (Beijing doesn’t have the best drains, I don’t think).

Most classrooms in school have air conditioning, so it is often nice and cool in the classrooms themselves, but the walk to and from them can be very hot. I might come back with a bit of a tan though!

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