Classes for next year

Today my manager sent around a provisional draft of classes I will be teaching next year. It does not have the class numbers, but only which grades and how many of each grade I’ll teach. As a reminder, in semester one, I taught five Junior 2 classes, two EDP 9 (same as Senior 1) and eight Senior 1 classes. The EDP class did not continue in the second semester so the total dropped from 15 classes a week to 13. Next year, semester one will also have 15 classes. This time it will be two Junior 2, six Senior 1, two EDP 9 and five Senior 2. I asked for some of these so I may teach some students from this year’s Senior 1. We’ll have to see, though, as they sometimes switch classes in Senior 2, depending on whether they are doing science strand or arts strand.

I will remain grade leader for Senior 1. This is what I’m doing this semester anyway. It isn’t the worst timetable in the world. I like Junior classes, and so two of those is always nice, though it is fewer than perhaps I’d have liked (my timetable this year is pretty good), but the older kids are a lot of fun too. This could all change, depending on final number of classes etc, and we won’t know our actual timetable until just before we start teaching. But this is a start. And not an awful one either.

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