That classroom incident…

I think I mentioned in a previous post that there was an incident with another teacher a couple of weeks ago and that the student in question was being moved to my class. Today was the first day I taught the class since it all happened. Apparently her class was very quiet, like mice. I think I’d want to put it past me, if it had happened to me. The teacher brought her boyfriend, another foreign teacher, to class in case anything happened.

My manager told me perhaps I should mention to the kid I’d be watching him. I didn’t. I acted like nothing had happened at all, and so did he. The class was fine. My class were not mice; they are boisterous and noisy. But not misbehaved, per se. It was an exam prep class today. I gave out the questions, explained the exam, and then played a game – which in most classes had taken most of the lesson; in this class, it lasted the whole lesson. I don’t really mind, it killed time, but I sometimes wonder what they think when they leave the class. They seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Exam season is upon us. Final exams are taking place for our students at the moment. We aim to do them all by June. This is so any cancellation of lessons etc won’t matter. And lessons do get cancelled. Often at short notice. I didn’t teach my two classes last Friday afternoon as there was a performance on so I did exam prep with them and exams in morning classes. And one of the morning classes, finished all the exams in one class. They are a relatively good class – some have excellent English ability, though most just average. But they are a decent, enough class and I was pleased they finished it all. One less thing to worry about. Next week it will be games or movie.

The Deputy Dean of the English Faculty, who I know quite well, would like to observe a few of our lessons. This is not ideal as we are doing exams and after exams it is usually just chilled out, movies or games. So doing a ‘proper’ lesson is somewhat counterproductive. The class they would like to see is not the best class I teach in terms of English. But they do try, a lot, in most things I set them. I will put together an activity, which I hope is fun. I will let the know the observation is going to take place, next class, and then they can be prepared!

And finally…. another teacher today was asking whether I enjoy doing this. I said yes. It can be hard work, especially coming up with lesson ideas, and the school don’t really care what we teach the students, as long as they enjoy the classes. But yes, you get a buzz, especially when the kids chat to you or an activity goes well. Nice end to a Friday and another week at school!

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