Exams… and holidays!

It is mid-terms at school. Next week, Tuesday – Friday, we have no teaching because the students are all having exams. After mid-terms, we will be doing final exams with students. This might seem ridiculously early, considering term does not finish until the end of June, but sometime that month, our classes will go back to the Chinese teachers and so we won’t be teaching them.

Summer is something I am looking forward to, and going home will be interesting, though I suspect I’ll just start to adapt when it’s time to come back. However, in June, those of us returning (and, regardless of my last post, I will be returning here), are going to try and plan out the entire first semester, if not year, for the levels we are teaching so we can get an idea of what we will be teaching. Then any new teachers were can tell them when we arrive and it’ll all be sorted. That’s the plan anyway!

Regarding the last post, I am going to stay at school next year – get my two years’ experience – and then, we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, my days off next week I’ll probably spend visiting sites in and around Beijing. I still haven’t been to the Great Wall, so I’ll try and go there, if nothing else. And with the weather as nice as it is (it is sunny, and warm, perhaps a little too warm), it is an opportunity to go out and explore!

I also want to spend some time focusing on my Chinese. Busy, busy!

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