Spring Festival – Inner Mongolia

I arrived in Hohhot on a Monday morning, leaving Beijing late Sunday night (I went on a sleeper train).

 Photos from the temple in Hohhot I visited

I was staying in a guesthouse, but managed to go on a trip, with three other guests, to the grasslands for one day, where we spent time in a yurt and stargazed. Whilst there was a bit of light pollution, from the house connected to the yurt, and from our fire which we warmed ourselves with, it was clearer than I’d seen it before. You could see lots of stars, and I even saw a shooting star.

The grasslands. Covered in snow. We *attempted* to make an igloo

I also went to a temple in Hohhot, and the Inner Mongolia Museum where I was mobbed by visiting Chinese school children who all wanted selfies with me. I stayed in Hohhot until Friday evening, when I got the sleeper train from Hohhot to Ulaanbaatar, arriving in the Mongolian capital at about 10am on the morning of Sunday 6th February.

 Sunset in grasslands… and the Inner Mongolia Museum, complete with impressively panelled atrium, and dinosaur bones. The outside is supposed to be styled as a grassland. Also a picture of my train room – I was in soft sleeper going to Ulaanbaatar, with one other person in my room.

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