The good, the bad and the welcome card

Sorry for title – I suck at them. I was trying to think up something snappy for third one, but nothing came to mind.

I managed to survive – just – the first three days of teaching. On Thursday’s I only have one lesson and so this was a nice lead in to teaching at the school. The class did not go brilliantly, however, and I tweaked it for my four classes on Friday. These were much better and three (the first, second and fourth) were very good. The third was a little more difficult to teach, but there were no serious issues. Saturday morning, however, was different. Running on a Monday timetable, I start teaching at 8am. This is a class which should be split in two – about 20 students each – with another English teacher but they have not arrived yet, so it was just me. Moreover, the projector decided it did not want to play ball and work, so I couldn’t use my slides, and so had to do things ‘old school’. This was cumbersome and, I am a little embarrassed to admit, I was a little unprepared for. The class’s behaviour was also very bad. I was just glad when the bell went off and I was saved from them – however I have to teach them again on Monday morning and I need to be prepared to deal with them. The second class was not great, but better than the first, and the projector decided to work half way through which is something.

Still, need to prepare a lot better for Monday’s class, both in terms of (non-projector) content and for bad behaviour. It is pronunciation classes too, which are also difficult to teach. I think I am doing poems and limericks so we’ll see what happens there.

Welcome card from student
Welcome card from student

This afternoon was much better. I was teaching a level I hadn’t taught before (this morning, although a different age of class, at an equivalent level of what I’d done before) and the students were more engaged, and even laughed at my jokes. And I – and the other teacher teaching this grade – got a welcome card from one student. Inside it says: ‘Dear teacher: Welcome to our class. I look forward to have [sic] a good time with you. Thank you [smiley face]’. So it can’t all be bad….

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