Apartment photos

Whilst it is wet, thundering and smoggy outside, here are a few photos of my apartment. There is another teacher coming who I’m sharing with, but they haven’t arrived yet.

My bedroom. Sort of unpacked and bed made.
Living room. I’ve got some water for the water fountain now and I’ve moved to it the other side of the room (close to plug socket).
My flatmate’s room. Smaller than mine. They aren’t here yet.
Kitchen. It’s small.
Washing machine.
View from my bedroom window of Renmin University. And smog.
Renmin and smog again.

3 thoughts on “Apartment photos

  1. Glad you’ve finally made it there! Great view from your room there, looking forward to the next post!


  2. I made a point of going around the V&A the other day and made a beeline for the China displays. I have just looked at your photos of the way your apartment was laid out and noted your table and chairs. These reminded me of modern global IKEA and at the same time of the early chinese 4th-12th century designs of table and chairs on display which still have the durability an aesthetic desirabilty to impress. Eg. post-modern in look to us but over 1500 years old! In addition, I think that the ‘rosewood’ reddish tables would still give off a calming aroma if the glass cases were to be opened and the wood allowed to scent the room as originally designed for, according to a Chinese friend showing me round.

    How is the weather progressing?


    1. Haha. There is a big IKEA in Beijing I think. The weather has changed – it is nice and sunny this morning, but cold too. Perhaps first cold morning since we arrived.


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