Oral English and Pronunciation Lessons

I am teaching a Junior 2 class of 13 and 14 year olds. The focus is on oral English, and, along with other teachers, we decide on the topics to teach, I guess so there is some commonality between different classes.

Class sizes in China are usually about 50 students, if not more. In many of ours, I think they are going to be split so we are only teaching a more manageable 25 students. This makes group activities – which are going to be an important part of oral English classes – easier to do, though it is still a large group, and there are still challenges to this, especially when doing the pronunciation part of MFP (meaning, form and pron.) of vocab. Drilling students on pron chorally is easier than doing them individually.

Trying to think up different activities for a 40 minute lesson, with a lead in, controlled speaking practice and freer speaking practice on a particular topic can be a challenge, even if we’ve decided on the topic.

I am teaching five Junior 2 classes a week, each for 40 minutes. I am also teaching 8 Senior 1 classes (15 to 16 year olds), and two EDP (Early Development Programme) 9, which is equivalent to Senior 1 level, for students who are advanced at their level (they will be younger, maybe 14-15, but more advanced than their peers).

The Senior 1 and EDP lessons are on Pronunciation in the first semester and debate and discussion in the second semester.

In addition, I did have to teach an elective module of about 10 lessons, each 80 minutes long. I thought I would do a module on British culture. Possible lessons could be on film, television, history, sport, literature etc. However, as I am arriving late in China, I have missed the window for teaching an elective in the first semester. I’m not sure whether I will have to do it in the second semester or not.

2 thoughts on “Oral English and Pronunciation Lessons

  1. I am just wondering for listening practice materials, and with a Librarians hat on, what genres would engage Chinese students of that age? It would be interesting to have an insight into the cultural, stereotypical images of the UK that they would have built up through their education to date; to better select materials. Once you have a generIal idea, will you be able to download listening materials freely from the internet? Will it all be a mixture of Ivanhoe, Norman Wisdom, Robin Hood and Jackie Collins’s femme fatales, or am I cheekily getting muddled and confused with other places and times? Well, these are my first ignorant comments and I look forward to being educated along the way. Kind regards, David! X


    1. You’re probably cheekily getting muddled with places and times! But they are all good ideas. Thanks. You should wear your Librarians hat more often!


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